Through the Lens of the Transatlantic Slave Trade


Unacknowledged policies and mindsets from the Transatlantic Slave Trade (1444-1888) continue to perpetuate injustices and instability, destroying people and the planet. It keeps the world in conquest, terror alert mode shaping human interactions and expectations.



Part I opens our lens by answering the question “Where are we?” Millions of Africans were moved to the New World after 1) the Christian church, 2) European governments, and 3) the first multinational corporations organized for economic gain. New financial institutions were created to collect the taxes and manage the stolen land, labor and lumber (natural resources). Many profit-driven financial institutions with their negative traits remain today.

Part II is more historical. The lens is focused on “How did we get here?” The longitude continents (Africa and the Americas) met the latitude countries (Europe and Asia). Each had different geography, resources and lifestyles. Part III looks at the different ways these two see each other and interact post-Slave Trade. Latitude countries and their lifestyles now dominate the World. The lessons learned from the Trade are identified. Part IV recognizes the mental games people play that perpetuate the dysfunctions of a world in post-Slave Trade conquest mode. The unconscious wounds that emerged from the Trade need to be acknowledged and healed. This book seeks the truth and provides examples so that we can envision a world beyond this man-made tragedy

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